4 Colored Squares

Selected Image

Project name: 4 Colored Squares
Project start: 2016-09-25
Project end: 2016-09-25
Curator: Ove Carlson
Computer program: ArtGen
ArtGen Specification: Ove Carlson

The computer program ArtGen is used in many different ways regarding creation of abstract geometric images.

In this project ArtGen randomly places four fix size squares on a black surface. The image is built up in four layers with one square in each layer. The transparency varies between the different layers so the overlapping parts of the squares builds new shapes in unpredictable colors.

In this way 100 images are created. From these images Ove Carlson selects one image that meets (or almost meets) his artistic demands. The selected image is shown on the project main page as well as a matrix containing the 100 randomly created images.

What is art? When does art become art? Who is an artist?