ARTOMATIC is the name of an installation where a specific version of ArtGen is implemented on a small computer and mounted on the back of a monitor.

"In a never ending process unique pictures are created. Each picture is displayed for a few seconds on the screen, then it disappears. The probability to ever recreate a picture is virtually zero. The pictures are generated in layers where the number of layers is random. Shapes, colors and transparency are also randomized according to set rules. Can a computer, free from references and experience, construct a picture that meets subjective requirements of artistic quality? Can chance in combination with multitude be enough? A vain effort to produce a picture that will take us by surprise! But time passes quickly. Do we have time to stop? Do we have time to wait? If we are not present, the moment passes and the opportunity is lost."

ARTOMATIC can be implemented on monitors of various sizes and layouts. Each installation has an unique set of rules. The appearance and viewing time of the generated pictures can be adapted to serve different purposes and environments.

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