A SHORT TIME AFTER having started working as a computer programmer, I began to paint. Perplexing and remarkable - neither my family nor any of my acquaintances had this kind of interest. I myself had not previously shown any interest in art either, so I too was surprised. In retrospect, I can see why I started to paint in a constructivist spirit. As I see it, information technology and mathematics are related and mathematics and art can support each other in many ways.

My first painting was a landscape, but very soon pure geometry took over. I was influenced by mathematics, series of numbers, fractals, combinatorics and such, and I found inspiration in minimalism and conceptual art. I work with a clear geometric idiom and I am fascinated with the inherent dynamics of simple geometric figures. I strive for balance in color and shapes. Measures, scales, distances and relations are my keywords.

Early on, I used computer based painting programs. In the beginning of the 2000 ́s I started using an Epson large format printer which made it possible for me to produce graphic prints of my digital images. Today my main focus is to further develop my computer program ArtGen and to investigate the possibilities given by ArtGen in the creative process.